Each player will make four picks per week

Once a game has started, it can no longer be selected, and will no longer be on the site.

You ARE allowed to pick one game at a time. For example, if you like the Over in the TNF game, you can enter a pick of just the over, and nothing else. Then later in the weekend, you can update your remaining 3 picks. When you update your picks, you will see your prior picks displayed at the top. If your prior pick has already started/finished, you can no longer make a pick of that type (over/under/fav/dog).

A correct pick is worth one point, a push is worth a half a point, and a loss is worth zero.

At the end of the season, the top 3 people are the winners. First place wins 60% of the pot, second wins 30%, and third wins 10%.

I will place a $1 parlay of everyones "Lock" of the week. If any of them hit, they will go to a pot, and that pot will go to whoever had the most correct "Locks" of the season. Please make your locks on Sunday/Monday games. Tie breaker will be a lottery ball guess, closest wins.
Buy In: $105
Venmo: @Chris-Ruby

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